Win a Ukulele!

The Ukulele, a stringed instrument hailing from Hawaii, has enjoyed a massive surge of popularity in recent years,  with ukulele festivals around the country and many new artists taking up the instrument or using it within performances and compositions.

Making Music Magazine and Alfred Music are offering readers of this blog the chance to win a Daniel Ho Starter Pack.

One lucky winner will receive a Daniel Ho Ukulele Starter Pack.  The Starter Pack Includes:

  • High-quality Firebrand concert ‘Ukulele
  • ‘Ukulele strap
  • Full-length instructional DVD, ‘Ukulele: A Beginning Method, by Daniel Ho
  • Sheet music and promotional sticker for the hit song “Pineapple Mango”
  • Daniel Ho’s CD, ‘Ukulele Collection
  • ‘Ukulele Chord Chart

Click the picture to go to the Making Music Magazine website and enter the competition


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