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Picture Scales & Arpeggios

Here are some useful visual aids for students and teachers. I have found these picture scales and arpeggios particularly helpful with younger students or those who find it easier to visualise the notes on the keyboard rather than reading from the score. They are relevant for ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall exams.

Click on the link to download a PDF document:


1 Octave Major Picture Scales

1 Octave Minor Picture Scales

2 Octave Major Picture Scales

2 Octave Minor Picture Scales


2 Octave Major Arpeggios

2 Octave Minor Arpeggios

(These diagrams come from Susan Paradis Teaching Resources and Discoveries Piano Studio, two websites which contains lots of useful resources for piano teachers and students).

1 thought on “Picture Scales & Arpeggios”

  1. Fantastic article – I’m going to send all my parents a link. It has a good balance of reassurance and instruction for parents!


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