More exam successes!

Sisters Vicky and Marianne Mitchell have just passed their Grade 1 and Grade 2 piano exams respectively. Vicky admitted to me afterwards that she was very nervous at the exam, so her pass is a significant achievement for her. She was particularly praised for her playing of ‘Raindrops’ by Walter Carroll:


Marianne achieved a very high score in her exam, just 3 marks off a Distinction, and was awarded full marks for her performance of ‘Allegro Non Troppo’ by Gurlitt, as well as high scores for the other two pieces (‘Fanfare for the Common Cold’ and ‘Summer Swing’).

Both girls are very sensitive players, with a strong affinity for the piano and an ability to produce a really fine tone (Marianne told me at her lesson last week that she didn’t like playing loudly in case she made an ugly sound!).

Congratulations to Vicky and Marianne, and to all my students who have taken exams so far this year.


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