SoundCloud is music and audio platform on the internet which allows musicians to share and distribute their recordings. Each upload is assigned a unique URL which means tracks can be easily shared across the web and via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. SoundCloud also distributes music files via widgets and apps (there is a SoundCloud widget in the sidebar of this blog which takes you to my personal SoundCloud). Thus, it is possible to share music and recordings widely, and for listeners and other SoundCloud users to comment on other people’s tracks, and to “favourite” them. Licensing arrangements mean that you can allow or forbid downloads of your tracks etc.

I started using SoundCloud last autumn, after I purchased an Olympus LS-5 PCM digital recorder, with the intention of recording my Diploma pieces. At first, I was a little shy about sharing my music with other people, but the positive feedback and comments I received were invaluable, and now I routinely upload work in progress or ‘concert ready’ pieces. I have also started uploading recordings of my students playing for ease of sharing. It’s a convenient way of storing music tracks in a format that allows you to access them when and where you want to (there are iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android apps for SoundCloud).

Membership of SoundCloud is free, though you can upgrade to a paid service which allows you more space for uploads, greater distribution, and more detailed statistics.

Start to explore SoundCloud here

Visit my SoundCloud here

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