Piano teaching

Learn to play the piano with Chilly Gonzales

Chilly Gonzales performs on stage
Chilly Gonzales … bet he doesn’t look like your old piano teacher. Photograph: Hayley Madden/Redferns

Chilly Gonzales wants to bring joy to lapsed and frustrated amateur pianists. It’s a mission the 42-year-old Canadian feels so strongly about, that he’s released a book which aims to unmask some of the mysteries or laborious practices surrounding the instrument. Entitled Re-Introduction Etudes, it consists of 24 piano pieces specifically designed to “unlock musical mysteries for those who gave it up”; all you need is a beginner’s music reading ability, a healthy amount of creative frustration and a piano, in order to follow each of his steps.(Source: The Guardian)

Here’s his first video tutorial, which is both entertaining and inspiring:

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