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Encouraging curiosity and self-evaluation in practising

Seasoned musicians, students in conservatoire and specialist music schools, and piano teachers know that productive and self-critical practise is the key to progress. Younger piano students often need clear guidance and signposts to enable them to learn how to practise properly.

Sally Cathcart, a musician, piano teacher, researcher, and founder/director of the Oxford Piano Group, has recently started writing an excellent and informative blog covering many aspects of piano teaching, aimed at piano teachers and piano students. She has created a very useful Self-Reflection Sheet to help students focus on their practising and learn how to evaluate their playing independently of their teacher. In the next few weeks, I will be asking some of my more advanced students to try using the Self-Reflection Sheet to see if it has an impact on the way they approach their practising. I hope that by starting students off with this project as the long summer break approaches will enable them to stay focused over the holiday when they are not having regular lessons with me.

Download the Self Reflection Sheet

Visit Sally’s blog The Curious Piano Teacher

More on self-evaluation in practising from my sister blog The Cross-Eyed Pianist

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