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Moving on – when it’s time to leave your piano teacher

They say that goodbye is one of the hardest things to say, and saying goodbye to your piano teacher can be a difficult decision, especially if you have been taking lessons with that teacher for some time.

Piano teaching

There’s no ‘Quick Fix’ to playing the piano

The internet is full of articles promising to help you learn to play the piano Learn to play in just 4 weeks! Play piano in 10 easy steps 5 ways to become a great pianist And so on.... The British pianist James Rhodes entered this busy, lucrative market a few years ago with his book… Continue reading There’s no ‘Quick Fix’ to playing the piano

Piano teaching

Sheet Music & Study Books for sale

A selection of repertoire, study books and exercises published by ABRSM and TCL. If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, please contact me for further information   SPECTRUM series of contemporary solo miniatures, compiled by Thalia Myers (ABRSM). Includes pieces by Howard Skempton, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Michael Finnissy, Karen Tanaka... Spectrum - used,… Continue reading Sheet Music & Study Books for sale


The Mammoth in the Practice Room: 7 reasons why musicians fall short of their potential

Guest post by Stephen Marquiss “We’ll see you on TV one day”, they said. By the time I reached my 29th birthday, I had been on TV once – but does a school promotional appearance really count? I could’ve made it twice, for the semi-final of BBC Young Musicians. But I withdrew through injury. I’m… Continue reading The Mammoth in the Practice Room: 7 reasons why musicians fall short of their potential

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Fingering schemes: help or hindrance?

"The most dangerous thing is 'finger memory'; if you really know a piece harmonically, it doesn't matter what finger you use, but if finger memory fails you, it falls apart utterly." the late Peter Feuchtwanger, quoted in The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by Thad Carhart. From our earliest time at the piano, we… Continue reading Fingering schemes: help or hindrance?

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The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry – Penelope Roskell

The Complete Pianist by Penelope Roskell, renowned pedagogue and concert pianist, is an inspiring distillation of her experience and a comprehensive manual for pianists and teachers, packed with invaluable accumulated wisdom and excellent supporting materials