Piano teaching

Creative Piano Mashups – Rebecca Singerman-Knight in conversation with Tim Topham

Many piano teachers will know Tim Topham’s work; I’ve long been an admirer of his creative, imaginative approach. In this episode of his podcast series, he chats to Rebecca Singerman-Knight, a piano teacher based in Teddington in SW London, who also happens to be a good friend of mine, and with whom I have shared many a stimulating conversation about our personal approaches to teaching.

With COVID and lockdown, a lot of teachers and students have been faced with the challenge of learning online. Teachers, especially, have had to think of ways to make online lessons more fun and engaging.


In this episode, Rebecca Singerman-Knight, shares how she did this through her Lockdown Mashups activity with her students which has encouraged them to compose, sing, and play music that they really love.

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