Piano teaching

Pianist Cordelia Williams launches new series of videos on how to practice with limited time

Cordelia Williams writes:

Sometimes we all need ideas for how to practise, and encouragement to keep working on repertoire when it seems to have hit a brick wall. Especially right now when motivation and company are a bit thin on the ground! This is a series of videos focusing on tips and strategies for quality, effective practice, for when you want/need to get a lot done in a short chunk of time. (With two boys under 4, this applies to me EVERY practice session.)

So if you want to practise more effectively and feel proud of your progress after each session…

Or… you’re fed up with playing the same thing again and again without really improving… Or… you always feel too short of time to practise properly…

…then this is for you.

Subscribe to get a new ideas to incorporate into your practice every couple of weeks (will work whether you’re a beginner or preparing Rach 3 / Scarbo). Let’s practice together 

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