Meet the Composers at MusicalEar

Carl-Axel Andersson and Björn Roslund are composers and pianists, and lecturers of Ear Training at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, Sweden. They are composers for the MusicalEar ear training and music theory software application. Who or what inspired you to take up music and make it your career? CA: It was probably a… Continue reading Meet the Composers at MusicalEar

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Aural Masterclass Part 2 – Cadences

Cadences are the punctuation marks in music (see my earlier post on Musical Punctuation Marks). Some cadences are very final (.) while others pause for only a moment (,). Some introduce the performer/listener to a new idea or section in the music (:), others leave the listener wanting more (....). Cadences can asks questions (?),… Continue reading Aural Masterclass Part 2 – Cadences