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Aural Masterclass Part 2 – Cadences

Cadences are the punctuation marks in music (see my earlier post on Musical Punctuation Marks). Some cadences are very final (.) while others pause for only a moment (,). Some introduce the performer/listener to a new idea or section in the music (:), others leave the listener wanting more (....). Cadences can asks questions (?),… Continue reading Aural Masterclass Part 2 – Cadences

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‘Curved Lines’ – phrases and how to shape music

Phrases are like musical ‘sentences’, and, a phrase in music expresses a complete idea. In classical music, phrases are symmetrical in length, but in modern music a phrase can be any length. Phrasing helps to shape the music, and to give it life, form and 'punctuation'. Phrasing relates to the way in which individual notes… Continue reading ‘Curved Lines’ – phrases and how to shape music