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It's that time of year again. The start of the new academic year and a new teaching term for private piano teachers. Many of us are organising our teaching diaries, planning lessons and welcoming students back to regular lessons, hoping that some if not all have done some practising over the summer holiday..... Sadly, some… Continue reading Respect

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Grade exams don’t make musicians 

She can certainly play the 2015-16 [Grade 8] syllabus pieces A-C brilliantly......Can she play anything else? I’ll get back to you on that. This is a quote from an article about graded music exams by journalist Rosie Millard, who, by her own admission, is "a pushy music parent" when it comes to her children's music… Continue reading Grade exams don’t make musicians 

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The curse of the pushy parent

Guest post by A Piano Teacher Anyone who teaches will know the type - and those of us who teach privately will know the type very well. The pushy parent - sometimes also known as the Tiger Parent - whose demands seem to take up far more time than anyone else's, whose child/children require special… Continue reading The curse of the pushy parent