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Making the most of your piano lessons

Make sure you get the most out of each and every lesson by following these simple points:

  • Arrive on time for your lessons: get the most out of the time you have each week.
  • Come prepared for your lessons: make sure you bring all your music, tutor book and practice notebook. Your teacher may have copies of the music you use, but it is always better to bring your own in case you and your teacher need to make notes on it.
  • Do your homework! That means practising. Complete the work assigned to you by your teacher each week and you will see your skills at the piano improve. This should give you the incentive to keep practising!
  • Take responsibility for your learning. That means setting yourself achievable goals and high standards, learn music that is at your skill level, and ask your teacher for help whenever you need it.
  • Be intelligent about your practising. Don’t practice without thinking. Study your music and know what you need to do with it.
  • Be patient, positive and persistent in the face of new musical challenges.
  • Listen to your teacher and always ask if you don’t understand something.
  • Be active in your lessons. Talk to your teacher, discuss ideas about how to approach your music and your study.
  • Make notes during your lessons (for older/adult students) so that you have a record of what you’ve discussed.
  • Go to concerts, masterclasses, and talks, and listen to as wide a variety of music as possible. Many orchestras run outreach schemes for children and young people.
  • Take part in festivals, competitions and other playing opportunities outside of your regular lessons. Accept feedback from your peers, teachers, adjudicators and other musicians.
  • Be professional: you may not be a professional musician (yet!) but you can still behave in a professional way. Be punctual, prepared, courteous and honest.

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