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You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing

The desire for perfection surrounds us in our modern society. "Getting it right" and "being perfect" are inculcated in children from the moment they enter the formal school system, where they are continually assessed and tested, where correct answers are rewarded with stickers and other symbols of approval and mistakes are regarded are "wrong". Many… Continue reading You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing

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The curse of the pushy parent

Guest post by A Piano Teacher Anyone who teaches will know the type - and those of us who teach privately will know the type very well. The pushy parent - sometimes also known as the Tiger Parent - whose demands seem to take up far more time than anyone else's, whose child/children require special… Continue reading The curse of the pushy parent


Piano lessons are good for you and your brain!

Ask any piano teacher, and they'll tell you their lessons involve more than music. Dedication, discipline and critical thinking are all part of learning to play the piano. Communicating these other benefits to students and parents can renew their interest in the instrument and give a greater sense of purpose to lessons. This helpful infographic… Continue reading Piano lessons are good for you and your brain!


The Mozart Project – interactive e-book

One of the best things about contemporary technology and media is its ability to offer new ways of exploring well-trodden paths. In an earlier age, The Mozart Project, a new interactive e-book created by two non-musicians, James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, would probably come in several volumes (given its wide-ranging and comprehensive text), with innumerable… Continue reading The Mozart Project – interactive e-book


At the Piano with Dr Mark Polishook

What is your first memory of the piano? My piano journey began more or less when I was 3 or 4 years old. Movers brought a 1932 5’3” Chickering baby grand to our house. It was a gift from my grandparents. That piano eventually travelled with me from one coast to another in America, which… Continue reading At the Piano with Dr Mark Polishook


New Piano Techniques app from ‘Pianist’ Magazine

All the enjoyable and engaging features of 'Pianist' magazine are included in this new piano techniques app: informative and easy to understand articles on technique and repertoire, how to play a particular work with guidance from a top teacher, free sheet music (18 pieces in fact, from beginner to advanced level), an interview with Lang… Continue reading New Piano Techniques app from ‘Pianist’ Magazine

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How to help your child enjoy and succeed at piano lessons

The role of parents in piano lessons is crucial, by encouraging their children to practise, reinforcing the teacher's instruction, and offering support and encouragement. The decision to start piano lessons should not be taken too lightly. Learning and playing the piano is highly enjoyable and satisfying, leading to a deep sense of personal fulfilment, but… Continue reading How to help your child enjoy and succeed at piano lessons


New year, new repertoire!

This post first appeared on my sister blog The Cross-Eyed Pianist What better way to start a new year at the piano with some new repertoire? But where to start? Perhaps the greatest joy - and frustration - of being a pianist is the vast and wonderful repertoire available to us, from Baroque arabesques to… Continue reading New year, new repertoire!


Sheet Music Direct App for iPad

  Many of us are lucky enough to own an iPad, and these devices are increasingly being used by musicians instead carrying around lots of heavy books of music. There is a great new free app from Sheet Music Direct which gives you access to thousands of scores of classical, jazz and pop music. Whether… Continue reading Sheet Music Direct App for iPad